Top 5 Cancer Fighting Resolutions

By Laura Bourdeanu, NP, PhD

New Year is here and it is the time for resolutions. From proposing to that girl to hitting the gym, spending more time with family, resisting that tantalizing donut, people tend to make all kinds of New Year resolutions. However, if youa��re a cancer-conscious person, New Year resolutions should have a different meaning for you, altogether, owing to how ita��s a chance for you to incorporate necessary changes into your life. This year challenge yourself a 30 days habit forming action. If you can do one of the below changes for a straight 30 days , it will automatically become your habit. And we all know that good habits are like good friends. So, this year get yourself some new good friend by making one or more of the following resolutions:

Add Superfoods to Your Diet

One of the best ways to fight any disease is through your diet plan. You know how they say that you are what you eat, right? Making superfoods a permanent part of your diet plan is a great way for you to ensure that youa��re eating such nutrient-rich food that will be beneficial for your health. Leafy green vegetables, berries, citrus fruits, nuts, seeds, fresh herbs and organic meat can all do wonders for not only keeping you healthy but fighting cancer at the same time.

Get Moving Every Day

Regardless of how much rest you might think you need, the fact of the matter is that regular exercise can do wonders for slowing down cancer and bringing down the risk of death. Make it a resolution to have a session of brisk walking, lasting for 25 minutes at least. Ita��s bound to be a step in the right direction and youa��ll experience improvements in your condition. Walking can prevent a lot of diseases, so you should make it a habit regardless!

Get Regular Screening and Annual Physical

You know what helps the most when it comes to fighting cancer? Early detection! Early detection of cancer can improve the chances of survival dramatically. And whata��s the most important thing for early detection? Well, regular screening and annual physical checkups .Make it a new yeara��s resolution to have regular screening and a complete physical examination once in the year, at least. You never know, it might end up saving your life!

Stop Smoking and Drinking

Habits of drinking, smoking and chewing tobacco leave you at a risk of countless diseases, with cancer being one of them. From oral cancer to lungs cancera��smoking and drinking leave a lot of your body parts and organs at the risk of cancer. Ita��s important, for you to promise yourself that youa��ll not touch another bottle of alcohol, or another cigarette, in 2018. No matter how addicted you might be to it, ita��s essential that you distance yourself from these habits for the sake of your health. And if youa��re already a cancer patient, smoking and drinking would mean nothing less than preparing your own death bed.

Protect Yourself from Sun and UV light exposure

Whether you are relaxing on the white-sanded beach of a tropical island or skiing in the Alps, protect your skin by applying lotion with a sun protection factor (SPF) of 15 or higher everyday. Avoid tanning booths. Although the salons may tell you otherwise, we know now that the cumulative damage caused by UV radiation can lead to skin cancer.

While a lot of people make New Year resolutions, there are only a few who actually follow up on them. Ensure, therefore, that youa��re among the ones who do follow up for ita��s essential for your life that you do!