How it Works:

One of the scariest moments in life is being told, "You have cancer." A million thoughts probably race through your head. How much time do I have? Is it treatable? What are my options? But the most important question you should ask yourself when you have cancer is "What is the best treatment for me?" We can provide you with that answer. In three easy steps, you will receive a report outlining the best treatment(s) for you that ensures your best survival.

OncoGambit summarizes all the important national guidelines treatment recommendations associated with any type of cancer to help patients ensure their best survival rate. Through OncoGambit, patients have the treatment that is agreed by more than 1,100 Cancer Experts (NCCN, ASCO, ASTRO, ESMO).


Get everything you need to know about your cancer and treatment by following these three steps
Get your tumor information (radiology and pathology) from your treating physician
Answer some questions about your specific to your cancer
Get your treatment and survivorship care plan
Remember to use our complimentary Genetics Tool to assess if your cancer is hereditary

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Click the samples to see what our questionnaire and your report could look like:

Breast Cancer Questionnaire
Sample Report
  • Optimize60%
  • Your Treatment80%
  • Increase Your Survival Rate100%