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This is excellent and revolutionary way of cancer management. Up to date solid and vital information.  I am grateful to have an additional tool I can use at my fingertips that will allow me to print and share with my patients.  The information up to date, well researched with references  and very valuable for my patients. Thank you so much.


I did find the educational information on the site very useful and accurate. In just a few minutes I learned and re-confirmed what it took Don and I years to assimilate as he was going through all of his various treatments and clinical trials. I also forwarded the link to this site to Don’s oncologists. They both highly recommended the quality of the information on this site. I just printed the [prostate] treatment recommendation report. I found it to be very easy to understand and quite useful. If I had read this before Don’s 10 year journey, I would have been able to better understand all the different treatments Don went thru. Getting hit with all these different options over the years and as you go from one trial to the next was very confusing. But seeing them presented in this comprehensive manner significantly simplified the mystery.