About Us

Onco = Oncology
Gambit = 1st Move in Chess to Gain an Advantage

The First Online Personalized Cancer Treatment Website

that not only saves you time and money, it provides vital cancer information agreed by more than 1,100 cancer experts.

Our Goal

OncoGambit knows that the uncertainty cancer patients feel about treatments often increases emotional distress. Increased comfort levels with treatments may not cure cancer but it gives patients the highest chance of survival by being compliant with the treatment recommendations. If you are comfortable with your treatment, and have peace of mind with the process, you’ll be able to focus on your treatment and manage side effects better. We believe that by providing you with education about your cancer treatment, you will become an active participant in your care and feel more in control.

Leadership Team

Created by a team of oncologists with more than 20 years of experience, OncoGambit is a pioneer in the healthcare and technology fields. It is the first personalized cancer treatment website of its kind to provide optimal, evidence-based treatment options directly to patients.

Hannah Luu, MD

CEO & Co-Founder

Dr. Hannah Luu is the CEO and co-founder of OncoGambit. As CEO, Hannah manages the company’s operations and remains the core visionary for the Company.

Having practiced oncology in an academic environment for many years, Hannah realized that her passion for helping patients reduce their fear and anxiety around cancer treatment was her mission. As a result, Hannah collaborated with other healthcare providers and developed OncoGambit which gives patients immediate access to personalized treatment information recommended by the more than 1100 experts in their respected fields. Hannah is proud that OncoGambit can reduce the burden on the patient’s emotional, mental, social and spiritual well-being so that they can focus on treatment and recovery.
Medical School:
University of Massachussetts, MA
Tufts University Medical Ctr, MA

Work Experience:
Associate Professor:
City of Hope Medical Center, CA

Laura Bourdeanu, NP, PhD

Vice President & Co-Founder

Laura Bourdeanu is the co-founder of OncoGambit. As vice president, Laura supports the company’s operations and plays an active role the company’s communications and partnerships.

Before launching OncoGambit, Laura worked as an oncology nurse practitioner where she witnessed the strength and resilience of patients fighting cancer. She was inspired to devote her time creating OncoGambit to help patients get more of the most valuable currency in their cancer journey- time. With better access to information about their treatment, patients are able to take an active role in their care and recovery, and focus on spending more time with their loved ones.
Masters of Nursing Science:
Yale University, CT
PhD in Nursing:
Azusa Pacific University, CA

Work Experience:
Oncology/Hematology Nurse Practitioner:
Yale University, CT 2004-2005
City of Hope Medical Center, CA 2005-2011

Hoang Luu

Chief Technology Officer

Hoang Luu is the CTO of OncoGambit. He brings over 20 years of experience working in the information technology industry to the table. At OncoGambit, he leads a team of technology experts.

His previous experience in IT spans a variety of industries including tech, healthcare, financial, home builder and automobile. Hoang understands the importance of technology and how it can propel an industry to the next level in this digital age.
Bachelor of Science degree in Information Systems from Boston College