Learn 7 Ways You Can Help Prevent Cancer This Cancer Prevention Month

By Laura Bourdeanu, NP, PhD

February is Cancer Prevention Month and World Cancer Day was on the 4th. Any cancer, whether it is breast, colon, prostate, lung, liver, pancreatic or oral, can be a devastating ordeal for anyone. The treatment alone can exhaust you, both mentally and physically. Little did Benjamin Franklin know the depth of his own quote, a�?An ounce of Prevention is worth a pound of cure,a�? when it came to the modern-day cancer that we wouldna��t wish on our worst enemies. With that being said, you should know how to keep cancer away from yourself and your loved ones. This blog will discuss seven ways that you can do just that.

Quit Tobacco Use

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), one of every five deaths in the US each year is caused by cigarette smoking. Life expectancy for smokers is at least 10 years shorter than non-smokers.A� Although tobacco chewing and smoking may provide that much needed relief after a stressful day at work,A� it is not worth your life. If you are addicted, seek professional help. But first you need to understand why Smoking cigarettes, in particular, is really difficult to let go of, and why you should wane yourself off of it slowly. The nicotine in the tobacco smoke stimulates some types of neurotransmitters which are responsible for carrying messages to and from the brain through the nervous system. These neurotransmitters temporarily dilate the coronary artery and bronchial tubes to give that sense of stress relief. But the bad news is that it is only temporary. Over time, as with all addictions, you will be prompted to use more and more smoke to get the same effect; your adrenal glands responsible for your stress start relying on the nicotine so much so that it doesna��t accept the nicotine with the passage of time. So if you quit abruptly, it leaves your neurons un-stimulated and you have a sense of deprivation. The adrenal glands will not function properly. So wane yourself off smoking or chewing tobacco as it is bad for you. Do it slowly but surely.

Drink Responsibly

A sip of wine or beer never hurt anybody, right? Right! Some alcohol is actually beneficial for you because of the fact that it protects you against harmful bacteria like Helicobacter Pylori which is known to cause ulcers in the stomach which can develop into cancer polyps to cause stomach cancer over time. Queena��s University Belfast did a study between alcohol consumption and H. Pylori infections and found that 3-6 glasses of wine a week actually reduced the risk of H. Pylori by 11%. But too much of it can destroy your liver which is responsible for regeneration of cells. Also drinking too much beer or wine like one or two drinks a day can increase risks of throat, mouth, breast and liver cancer.

Take a Healthy Diet With Plenty of Greens

Maintaining a healthy diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables is vital for your health. Establish a healthy eating routine and add healthy ingredients to your foods. Having crushed garlic sautA�ed in a small amount of olive oil on your meals with a side of tomatoes gives you a twofold benefit. First, garlic is known to be a super food that helps fight cancers and with tomatoes by your side gives you the added advantage of Lycopene that helps you in fighting cancers in the lower torso of the body such as colon, bladder and prostate cancer. Artichoke is also one super food that is a source of Silymarin which is great or fighting skin cancer as it slows down the cancer cell growth in the skin. Also having more

Watch your Weight

Dona��t gain too much weight, and be in a BMI range that is normally considered healthy for someone with your physical characteristics. A good way to maintain health is by drinking green tea and regular exercise. (More on exercise in the next section). Having Kiwi as a midday snack will be beneficial as the fruit packs a powerful punch of antioxidants that include vitamins C, E, copper and lutein. These help to keep you healthy and help in fighting cancer. Eating whole foods make it easier for you to have your stomach full with fiber so that you dona��t gain excess weight. Excess weight not only makes you look unappealing for a first impression on an interview but puts you at the risk of many diseases like heart disease, diabetes and many types of cancer including liver and colon cancers. Sleep in complete darkness because it encourages the production of melatonin which helps you sleep. Disturbed sleep cycles can alter metabolism and cause weight gain. That is why people who suffer from insomnia and lack of sleep gain weight easily.

Exercise, Exercise, Exercise

A 30 minute walk daily can be beneficial for your health, so by making excuses, such as a�?there is not enough timea�? etc. you are not fooling anyone but yourself. Keeping yourself active by talking walks and exercising regularly can reduce your risks of cancer such as pancreatic cancer. Exercise and daily activity can help regulate insulin metabolism and help you stay in shape by burning off those excess calories and fat that is stored in the belly region as that region in particular is prone to weight gain.