7 holiday gift ideas for a loved one with cancer

By Laura Bourdeanu, NP, PhD

Fighting cancer is no easy feat and it takes a lot of courage from the cancer patient to face each day. Every cancer patient can do with some support and care from their near and dear ones and what better time to show your love and concern than the holiday season. Gifts always cheer people up and with the holiday season looming right around the corner, here are some holiday gift ideas for your loved one, who is suffering from cancer:

House cleaning certificate

We all know what a tough job it is to keep the house clean. But now, with trained house cleaning technicians to do the job for you, you can just relax and enjoy a super clean house. A house cleaning certificate is a voucher that allows you to employ trained house cleaning technicians for free. The cost of this is borne by the individual who purchases the voucher while the one to whom the house cleaning certificate is gifted gets to enjoy a few days off from cleaning.

This is an ideal holiday gift idea for your loved one who is suffering from cancer because on most days, they may feel under the weather and unable to clean their house. But of course, the cleaning must be done. They can then avail the benefit of the house cleaning certificate and give themselves a much needed break.

Gift certificate for 5 loads of laundry

One of the best ways to show someone that you care is to save them from doing their laundry! A gift certificate for 5 loads of laundry will save your loved one the hassle of doing their laundry five times, which is quite a lot. It saves your loved one so much energy and gives them quite a lot of mental peace. Irrespective of whether your friend or relative is suffering from cancer or not, a gift certificate for 5 loads of laundry is always a welcome gift.

Food gift baskets

Food gift baskets are a cute way of showing that you care. These baskets are filled with various assortments and tidbits that everyone loves. For example, there could be an array of different chocolates, some dry fruits and nuts, muffins and a whole range of other goodies that will make your loved onea��s day.

Additionally, these food baskets are packed in the most visually appealing way that makes it a treat for the eyes too. Food gift baskets are one of the favorites gifts because they are fulfilling and wholesome. Once the food basket is emptied, the basket can come in handy too.

12-fruit of the month club

If your loved one has cancer, they are most likely very conscious about how much time they may have left with their near and dear ones. They always need something to encourage them to keep going. Giving them a voucher for the 12-fruit of the month club will show them that you have faith that they will be around next year.

The 12-fruit of the month club voucher can be used to purchase the fruits that are in season. Ita��s a great way to show you care because fruits are also good for the health of individuals suffering from cancer.

Comedy films

Who doesna��t need a good laugh every now and then? For someone who has cancer, they really need something to cheer them up as they are likely to experience a low mood every now and then. Therefore, comedy films are a very good idea to cheer them up.

Better still, you should take out the time to watch a few of the comedy films with them. A nice time spent with friends and family is always memorable and your loved one will always cherish these times and look back at them fondly. So grab a few comedy films and go and spend time with your buddy!

The same gift you’d give if they weren’t going through cancer

If your friend or family member were not going through cancer, you would still have been as conscious about what gift to give to them. Selecting a gift is always difficult. After all, a gift has to show that you care and it should also reflect that you were personally involved in buying the gift.

So if you are considering holiday gift ideas for a loved one who has cancer, sometimes it is best to just buy them something that you would have bought irrespective of their health concerns. Maybe a huge stuffed toy or perhaps some new clothes or shoes. Jewelry items are also a good idea.

The most important onea��spend time with them

Cancer is not contagious so don’t avoid visiting your loved one.A� At the same time, do not ignore the presence of the disease itself, since it is the subject that is most frequently on the patient’s mind. As a friend or relative of the patient suffering from cancer, one of the greatest gifts you can give them is your time.

Additionally, there might be times when they would need you to accompany them to the hospital for their chemotherapy sessions or just for a regular check up. These are tough times for the patient and ita��s best that they do not face this time alone. So make it a point to be there for them and support them through these tough times.

So this holiday season, consider these 7 holiday gift ideas for your loved one suffering from cancer.