Celebrating National Cancer Survivora��s Day

By Laura Bourdeanu, NP, PhD

Ita��s June and the first Sunday will be National Cancer Survivora��s Day. Many communities throughout the nation share in the celebrations of this day and are already preparing for it. What are they celebrating? Theya��re celebrating the unparalleled courage and will power of those who have survived through the ordeal of cancer.

Importance of National Cancer Survivora��s Day

This day also serves to inspire and motivate many of those diagnosed recently, by sharing success stories of survivors, who struggled through thick and thin with their family and are living their lives to the fullest without letting their cancer hold them back.

For the families who have loved ones suffering from cancer, this day provides support for these families and guides them on dealing with cancer patients compassionately and sympathetically. There are many outreach events that happen on this day to make the cancer community in America stronger and more prosperous.

The Cancer Community Worldwide

Many people from around the world also share in this occasion by sharing their familiesa�� and their own stories and experience. By doing so they are honoring the many millions of cancer survivors across the world.

Their main purpose for showcasing success stories is to give inspiration to those who have been recently diagnosed with cancer. Ita��s their way of saying not to give up hope and that being diagnosed with cancer is not the end of the world and that life can still be rewarding and fruitful.

What you can do on National Cancer Survivora��s Day

National Cancer survivora��s day is not just for cancer survivors, but a day when we can all learn from the cancer survivorsa�� experiences, the experiences of their friends and family with them as well as their hardworking medical professionals.

It helps to spread awareness about cancer as well, so that people are aware of cancer. The National Cancer Survivora��s Day Foundation is a non-profit organization that offers guidance, education and allows networking with the many institutions including many support groups and hospitals who host NCSD events. It helps in improving the life of cancer survivors in America.